1.  The sales receipt, this guarantee sheet, and the dead plant are necessary for replacement.
2.  The guarantee of replacement will be for one year from the date of purchase. This is valid for a one time replacement only.
3.  The guarantee will cover the purchase of a new hardy, woody plant. (Hardy plants include trees, shrubs, evergreens, fruits, vines and roses). Hardy woody plants are designated by a price that ends in 00. (ex. $59.00)
4.  All hardy plants are guaranteed up to the purchase price for replacement only. No cash refunds.
5.  More expensive hardy plants can be used as replacements by paying the difference between the purchase price and the current price.
6.  Do not bring in plants that are not dead. The first year after planting, many plants stay dormant longer than established plants. A dead plant will snap easily when bent and will not have green (yellow, etc.) tissue under the bark. We will extend the guarantee for you if there is concern.
7.  Evergreens that are at least 1/3 brown or the bottom three tiers or more are brown will be considered for replacement at our discretion, unless caused by animals.
8.  Plants that are not watered sufficiently, or those obviously mistreated or injured by animal damage are not covered by this guarantee.
9.  Delivery charges are not covered by this guarantee.
It is imperative the nursery stock is planted in the ground. Due to the freeze thaw conditions during the winter,  plants will not survive above ground and are not guaranteed.

We care about you and your purchases. Let us know if you have concerns or questions with your plants. Photos and plant samples are always helpful when diagnosing your concerns.

Live plants must be returned within three (3) days and in saleable condition to be considered for a refund.