Welcome to Highland Nursery!

Knowing where to buy your plants is almost as important as knowing how to care for them after they're planted.  Purchasing your plants and garden supplies from Highland Nursery has many benefits:

  • Highland Nursery has the advantage of carefully selecting our inventory and carries local and rarer species of plants.
  • Plant health depends on the quality of care and maintenance the plants receive after being delivered to our nursery.  Our staff understands all there is to know about proper plant care, maximizing plants' lifespan.
  • Minnesota weather is notorious for constant temperature changes; that's why we carry plant species that will grow and thrive in our climate.
  • Purchasing plants from your local nursery, you support local growers and businesses that go above and beyond to supply Highland Nursery with the best plants possible! 
  • Our plants are fresh.  We work with local growers to deliver plants at peak bloom.